New site. New blog. New year.

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I am finally adding a blog to my site and working on giving it a new look. No, my grammar has yet to improve.
4 years ago, I bought this domain & created a single one-page portfolio over the weekend. I was actually looking for an excuse to pick up media queries hence the personal site.

I have decided to grow up a little more my sharing out my experiences and thoughts. Getting ole and ranty , aren’t I? =)

As I grew older, I notice I enjoy sharing a lot. I have another site just for cooking and arts. It seems to make sense to create another for my work as well. By all means, am not implying that I will make no mistakes or whatever I say may be right. Am actually eager to be pointed out if I made any blunders. I rather be corrected and learn than to assume am right. Any hey, I might even make new friends with similar passion in the process!

Let me end my first post with…
Happy new year & may we keep learning new things together everyday!


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