Volunteering with Impian Malaysia

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Humans are creature of habits, so am I. This year, I’ve tried to break out of my mundane cycle and be spontaneous for a change. Bought an impromptu air ticket to Sarawak for a volunteer gig with Impian Malaysia. The goal was to conduct an edu camp for primary school children over the weekend.

The camp was held in a lovely Bidayuh village not far from Kuching’s airport. It was my first homestay & encounter with the Bidayuhs soI really have no clue what am going to experience. Guess that the fun part right? Not knowing what awaits you on the other end?

During this camp, both the kids & volunteers taught each other a lot. By conducting the classes in Malay, I’ve also came to realized how rusted my bahasa is! Nor do I recall what simile means when quizzed by one of the students. Funny moments indeed. Halfway through the week, we have already started feeling attached to these beautiful souls who always smiled while talking to you and have this overbundance of energy, something I had hard time keeping up with as they cajole us for yet another evening swim in the river.

My volunteer mates and me had not only enjoy the experience; we also made a few good friends amongst ourselves and the kids. Impian Sarawak had a great team that was there every day to patiently brief and guide us on how we should conduct the camp and making the best of our materials. Our camp went on smoothly and am lucky to be with a team of people who were always ever ready to lend a helping hand. I sincerely appreciated the opportunity to spend some time with the kids and to make a little difference in their life.

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