Spotify’s Musical Map

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After exploring the map for an hour, I’ve discovered quite a few pieces which I would not have stumbled upon by myself nor by browsing through mainstream charts that I’ve begun to doubt its creditability in this age of fragmented consumption. This is furthermore evident from the playlist that I’ve pulled out from what each locale deemed popular.

I have always been a fan of geographic information system (GIS). Spewing data into my favourite form of perspective: geo visual.

Had a good time laughing (how quirky of me) and discovering the fascinating differences that Spotify have compiled for our muse based on their data of almost 20 billion songs.¬†This is definitely an interesting way to travel between cities and it didn’t cost me any extra pretty penny aside from my current subscription.

The link will take you to your web-based Spotify.


Updates: A music lover friend of mine, Jason suggested using this map to explore good music by following places where music festivals are held. Think Red Rocks and Coachella. That’s definitely another interesting way to utilize this map which I would not have thought of. And naturally, New Orleans for Jazz. Gotta love ‘Louisiana Fairytale’.