My first try with inky-rb gem

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Screenshot 2016-07-15 18.45.44


The boilerplate seems dated. Googled and discovered that Zurb has made big changes to their boilerplate. To make our lives even easier, they released a Gem a month back.

With that Gem, you essentially just need pick up their current markup which makes your life a lot easier.
I weighed my options; continue to use the laborious tables method or pick up some basic Ruby gem installation skills and make sure it runs with the current setup.


  • a pinch of curiosity
  • 1 gem installation manual
  • 3 pieces truffle paste pizza
  • a terminal (As a designer, GUI is still my first option whenever possible)
  • give your sr dev a heads up that you will be messing with their stuff (My head of architect is this really cool guy that encourages anyone to learn new things)


  1. Give self a Smack talk that the migration seems pretty easy  which means any clueless designer should be able to do it themselves and it seems like a great way to spend the Friday night.
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Run it
  4. Replace all codes with the new markup
  5. Test again & again till you get it right


I LOVE IT. A 1500 lines of code been reduced to a neat 300 lines. Am sold! It makes my email layout a lot more digestible. Specially for the backend engineers. They are generally not a fan of HTML markup language or any frontend codes.