Switching to inky-rb gem: Email template made easy!

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The boilerplate seems dated. Googled and discovered that Zurb has made big changes to their boilerplate. To make our lives even easier, they released a Gem a month back.

With that Gem, you essentially just need pick up their current markup which makes your life a lot easier.
I weighed my options; continue to use the laborious tables method or pick up some basic Ruby gem installation skills and make sure it runs with the current setup.


  • a pinch of curiosity
  • 1 gem installation manual
  • 3 pieces truffle paste pizza
  • a terminal (As a designer, GUI is still my first option whenever possible)
  • give your sr dev a heads up that you will be messing with their stuff (My head of architect is this really cool guy that encourages anyone to learn new things)


  1. Give self a Smack talk that the migration seems pretty easy  which means any clueless designer should be able to do it themselves and it seems like a great way to spend the Friday night.
  2. Follow the instructions
  3. Run it
  4. Replace all codes with the new markup
  5. Test again & again till you get it right


I LOVE IT. A 1500 lines of code been reduced to a neat 300 lines. Am sold! It makes my email layout a lot more digestible. Specially for the backend engineers. They are generally not a fan of HTML markup language or any frontend codes.

Bye bye cluttered tables

Noticed how much more compressed it is without the table structure? No matter how I format it, tables structure can be pretty daunting when you have a team of designers & backend engineers working on it as well.

Markups aren’t new. I think it’s especially useful with email templating as we are still limited to very primitive options like TABLES. Let’s not start ranting about how fragile these templates can be when there’s a single   that manage to sneak in and breaks everything. I’ve seen designers struggling for hours trying to fix the layout so this help takes care of that too.

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