New year, same resolutions

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Been three weeks since the big pyrotechnics went off to make another new year! Another year, same resolution for me. Been practicing clean eating and would like to continue to do so. A bonus if I could get my bum off my sedentary lifestyle too. Took half year off to travel to different countries. Learning how to cook their local cuisine. Living with the locals. It was an amazing experience & would not hesitate to do so again in a heartbeat.

I love making food from scratch. You get to learn a lot about what goes into your food. Like the hummus for example, I didn’t know so much oil is incorporated into it until I start making them. That said, am not giving up my falafel & hummus. Love them sooooooo much. Just got to take them in moderation. Apart from that, cooking (and washing up) is a great way to practice mindfulness too.

Need some motivation to keep a healthy lifestyle in the kitchen? Follow my instagram to see what am whipping in the kitchen. I tend to get pretty hyped up whenever I watch cooking snippets on Instagram. Might work for you too.

Happy 2019 everyone! XOXO

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