Kindle 3 broken E ink screen replacement tutorial

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My 4-year old Kindle 3’s E ink screen started to freeze and the usual slide and hold method ceased to work. One of the worse days of my life. Hours of stalking forums for solutions could not help resuscitate my precious Kindle. As the Kindle withdrawal effects starts taking place, I started rolling on the floor, screaming NOOOOOOOOOO! I lacked audience. I needed some disapproving eye rolling feedback so I Skype my S/O and continued my annoying act. He hung up.

A week of dramatic cries and a dozen of burgers later, I decided to seek other solutions. Things started to look up and I had lesser breakdowns. I stopped kidnapping my neighbour’s dog and attempt to feed him expired catnip. I have to thank my confidant, Google for this.

I usually prefer repairing instead of binning things over a minor damage and it was one of my earliest gift from my S/O too. More reason to get it fixed. I got my Kindle 3 replacement E ink screen online for USD $20. IKR?! It’s only $20 thus it was worth a try =)

In a nutshell

  • All you need is just a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Watch the Kindle screen replacement video before you begin.
  • Remove all screws at sight. There are like a dozen or more of them.
  • Remove battery
  • Unlock all four cables
  • Lift it up and you’ll see your screen
  • My screen is secured with light adhesive (no screws involved)

Tip: Take photos as you go. With so many screws and a few parts to keep track off, the photo will be your reference to get things back where it should be.

Kindle Keyboard, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display

My S/O didn’t think I could do it (terrible bugger) so I was really happy when I saw this screen. Phew!

broken Kindle 3 screen

The culprit!

broken Kindle 3 screen

It is not as scary as it looks. I let the Youtube step by step video run as I work on mine.

broken Kindle 3 E ink screen

And its alive!

It’s a fairly easy and straight forward process and it cost me only $20 to get my beloved Kindle 3 up and running again. My Kindle 3 and me lived happily ever after. And my S/O is temporarily relieved of my cray cray antics until am up to something random again. His eardrums deserves that 8 hours of sound rest.


Note: Hope you enjoyed my fiction. It’s for amusement purposes. My tutorial seemed a little too short for my liking so I decided to torment my readers with some my usual lame style of bantering. My S/O does not hang up on me for he knows I’ll turn into a Gojira otherwise =) The technical part are as real as my dead cactus =)





Spotify’s Musical Map

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After exploring the map for an hour, I’ve discovered quite a few pieces which I would not have stumbled upon by myself nor by browsing through mainstream charts that I’ve begun to doubt its creditability in this age of fragmented consumption. This is furthermore evident from the playlist that I’ve pulled out from what each locale deemed popular.

I have always been a fan of geographic information system (GIS). Spewing data into my favourite form of perspective: geo visual.

Had a good time laughing (how quirky of me) and discovering the fascinating differences that Spotify have compiled for our muse based on their data of almost 20 billion songs. This is definitely an interesting way to travel between cities and it didn’t cost me any extra pretty penny aside from my current subscription.

The link will take you to your web-based Spotify.


Updates: A music lover friend of mine, Jason suggested using this map to explore good music by following places where music festivals are held. Think Red Rocks and Coachella. That’s definitely another interesting way to utilize this map which I would not have thought of. And naturally, New Orleans for Jazz. Gotta love ‘Louisiana Fairytale’.